Leadership Team

Dan Barstow
Dan BarstowLead
Dave Gray
Dave GrayLBA Liaison
Rebecca Longvall
Rebecca LongvallCitizen Science Coordinator
Kathy Sferra
Kathy SferraStow Grant Coordinator

Expert Advisory Board

• Pam Helinek (Conservation Agent/Planner, Town of Hudson)
• David Siewierski (President, LBA)
• Sandra Grund (environmental scientist)
• Ingeborg Hegemann-Clark (environmental scientist)
• Julia Khorana (OARS board member, Education and Outreach)
• Lauren Bullard (Environmental Science Teacher, Nashoba Regional HS)
• Red Aylward (resident, liaison with weed treatment)
• Jack Boyle (student, Nashoba Regional HS)
• Sonia Nicholson (student, Nashoba Regional HS)
• Pam Helinek (Conservation Agent/Planner, Town of Hudson)
• Emilie Wilder (member, Hudson Conservation Commission)
• Kirk Westphal (lead, Brown & Caldwell)
• Hillary King (MA MVP)

Brown & Caldwell – experts in lake hydrology